Rugby World Cup 2015 – England Fixtures & Canterbury, BLK and Kooga Clothing.

For the first time since 1999, the Rugby World Cup will return to the United Kingdom, with England and Wales sharing the hosting duties.

Canterbury are the official team wear suppliers of the England Rugby team, they’re also one of our most popular brands, our rugby playing customers love the Canterbury clothing line just as much as England do and they don’t leave their kits plain either, customisation is important for making the kit unique and specific to the team and its players, we embroider and print to the highest of standards for our customers.


If you’re an England rugby fan, then clear your weekend schedules for the last 2 weeks in September and the first 2 weeks in October, as that is when England’s matches will take place. I’ve put together the fixtures for England’s Rugby World Cup 2015 games:

Match 1: England v Fiji – Friday 18th September @ 8pm

The Fiji rugby team will travel from their beautiful picturesque country in the South Pacific, all the way to Twickenham in London to play the first match to kick off the Rugby World Cup 2015. 3 out of 4 of England’s matches will take place in Twickenham. BLK are the official kit supplier for Fiji’s Rugby World Cup team wear 2015, BLK are a very well known brand, they’re also one of our most popular suppliers.


Match 16: England v Wales – Saturday 26th September @ 8pm

Neighbouring countries will go head to head as England play their second match of The Rugby World Cup.

Match 26: England v Australia – Saturday 3rd October @ 8pm

From far across on the other side of the world in the Southern Hemisphere, England take on Australia, home to Canterbury and BLK sportswear.

Match 36: England v Uruguay – Saturday 10th Octobers @ 8pm

This match will take place at Manchester City Stadium. Kooga are the official team wear supplier for the Uruguay rugby team and guess what? We supply that too!


Looking as good as the pros isn’t a must, but wouldn’t it be great? Knowing you’re wearing the same brand and your favourite rugby team; Canterbury, BLK and Kooga. These brands are so popular at ADM Leisurewear – order and customise your kit from us today! Look and feel professional!

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