Wigan 10K 2015 was another awesome success!

As you all probably know, Wigan 10k happened last Sunday, 6th September, the third Wigan 10K. The team worked their socks off to make the day as awesome as possible, and they succeeded in doing so. The atmosphere was great, the runners were great and the sun was shining. It was the biggest Wigan 10k to date, 3,450 people took to the streets to raise thousands of pounds for various causes. The race was set on it’s way by British athlete Jenny Meadows, who is from Wigan and specialises in the 800m and occasionally 400m.


ADM Leisurewear supplied customised leisurewear clothing to a number of organisations such as the events official associate sponsor Starcom and also JSBeFIT and Wigan Council. We can supply  customised clothing for any event or organisation, Charity clothing is one of the many customised clothing markets that we supply to.


The event received a lot of publicity, Wigan Today newspaper wrote a few articles both before and after the race, one calling it “a day to remember.”


The events purpose was to raise funds for various charities, the main one being Joining Jack, runners also ran for the likes of Wigan Youth Zone, Wigan and Leigh Hospice, Cancer Research, Joseph’s Goal and Embrace, among others.


The registration for next years event is already open and has over 100 runners who have registered – you can register here if you want to get a low number: Wigan 10k 2016 registration.

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