Freshers’ Week 2015

Freshers’ Week or “Welcome Week” as it is often called, is a set of events that occur at the beginning of the academic year, it is held for Freshers’ (new students), so that they can meet fellow students, make new friends, explore the campus and get used to the town. Students may also want to sign up to clubs such as sports clubs or academic clubs. Each Freshers’ week will vary in time at different universities but most of the time is usually lasts for exactly one week. When it is over, all students will go back to reality and begin their studies.

One of our company directors goes on a annual visits across the country to universities during Freshers’ Week, the reason for his visits are to interact with the students, showing them what products we can offer them for the new year and showing them the products that we think they may be looking for that will help promote their sports clubs, societies, courses etc. At Freshers’ Week, new students who are interested in sports will want to join the sports club, so it’s important for the existing students to look the part by wearing the university logo, club name and their own name proud! University favourites include hoodies, polo shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts, but we also supply them with gilets, softshells, outerwear, fleeces and  also teamwear from brands including our very own ADM Teamwear, Nike and Canterbury. We have over 20 years experience in supplying personalised clothing to university clubs and societies as part of their university stash range. We can supply embroidered university clothing and/or printed university clothing with your own logos to help you feel part of the team or help remember a special time in your university life. We also specialise in supplying customised leavers clothing, ski clothing  and college clothing.

A key advantage of choosing ADM Leisurewear to be your supplier of customised and personalised clothing is that we can offer a fantastic online club shop facility, the purpose of this facility is to make it easier and quicker for members to purchase their preferred items and personalise them with whatever they require. There are so many benefits:

  • Your comprehensive club range can be accessible online to all members across all devices; Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • There is no minimum order necessary
  • There’s no administration needed on your behalf, we do all the work such as putting the products on your shop, creating visual graphics so you know what to expect when the products are made
  • We can open and close the shop whenever you need and don’t need it
  • Products can be added or removed by simply informing us

An online club shop can also be opened by Schools, Colleges, Rugby Clubs, Sports Clubs and Organisations. All you need to do is get in touch.

Create it. Order it. Wear it. #Makeityours

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